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Fitting Services 

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Who needs a professional bike fitting?  Why get a bike fitting?


A bike "fitting" is more than merely "sizing" your bicycle.  Selecting the correct size bicycle for a rider is only the first step in the fitting process.  Starting with the correctly sized bike, the experienced bicycle fitter utilizes tools, methods, hardware, software and observations to tailor your bicycling position to match your objectives, body measurements and range of motion.  Saddle height, saddle position fore-aft, reach to the bars, drop to the bars, stem length and angle, handlebar size, brake hood position and cleat position are the many variables that are commonly considered. 

Based on your riding objectives and preferences, careful measurements of your body, assessment of your flexibility, and skilled observations of you riding a bike on a trainer, we suggest appropriate adjustments to your bicycle to improve your overall riding experience and reduce injury potential.  We actively engage you in the every step in the process to help you understand our recommendations. 

At Tolland Bicycle, we follow these principles and therefore will setup the same bicycle differently for a competition-oriented rider, an endurance rider or a recreational/fitness rider.    We don't strive to make you look like a picture in one of the bicycle magazines.  We fit the bicycle to your unique body characteristics, flexibility, and preferred riding style. 

Bike Fitting Specialists at Tolland Bicycle

The bike fitting specialists at Tolland Bicycle have achieved advanced professional fitting certifications by attending training seminars hosted by FitKit Professional Bicycle Fitting and Waterford Bicycle Co., developer of the FitMaster custom fitting bicycle.  Moreover, this training has been supplemented with years of fitting experience and independent study of the fitting principles of industry leaders.

For customers considering a custom or special order bicycle, we utilize the Waterford FitMaster.  This special bike machine enables us to replicate the geometry of any stock or custom bike so that the customer can “ride” the bike prior to purchase and fine-tune the fit as necessary.


Services Offered

 Whatever your goals in riding (fitness, recreation, fast group rides or racing), the professionals at Tolland Bicycle can help you reach them.  Whether new bikes, old bikes or a bicycle you plan to purchase, we offer several levels of fitting services to meet your needs.   


We offer a discounted “re-fit” service for return customers who wish to have their fit reviewed when more than 6 months have elapsed from their last fit.  Prices vary depending upon individual needs -- ask us.

The $50 Basic Fee is waived with the purchase of a new bike. For an advanced fit, a $50 credit towards a new bike is good for 60 days.


  Basic/Quick Advanced
Fee $50 $125
$50 rebate towards purchase of new bike within 60 days of fit
Rider interview
Assess flexibility
Take body measurements
Generate FitKit results
Take measurements of customer's bike (if applicable)  
Compare with FitKit results  
Ride bike on trainer  
Observer & evaluate rider  
Take measurements while on bike  
Recommend improvements  
Adjust bicycle position and reassess rider one step at a time  
Email results to customer
Free adjustments/consultation for six months after fit